Teen Health Program

CHR has implemented the Teen Health Project with the help of South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy. CHR is conducting workshops for the youth in the communities of Bucksport, SC and Loris, SC, and across various communities of Georgetown County.

The goal for the Teen Health Project is to modify youth behavior to reduce risky sexual behavior and increase condom use and negotiation skills. 

We offer workshops based on a curriculum called Be Proud! Be Responsible! Workshops include role play activities to practice negotiation, refusal and reframing skills, videos specifically selected for intervention, red-yellow-green light behavior modification activities, and agree versus disagree activities.

At the end of Teen Health Project’s 6 hour workshops and follow-up sessions, adolescent participants will show a 10% increase in knowledge of STD, HIV, pregnancy prevention, and proper condom use.  All participants complete pre and post surveys to determine the level of knowledge gained through the workshop.



Program Participants Tell What They Have Learned: