To Become a Mentor

Common questions we answer about the Amachi program at Carolina Human Reinvestment

1. What are the goals of the Amachi Initiative?
Providing the research based model of intervention by community based mentoring of an at risk youth by a caring adult for (1) one hour per week for (1) one year.
2. How do I become a mentor?
1) Have a heart and the time to change your life and a youth in your community (4-5 hours per        month for (1) year)
2) Fill out paperwork about yourself and for your background check (provided at no charge by the  FBI)
3) Approximately (1) Hour of Training
4) Introduction to your matched youth ( interests and assets based )
5) Fill out a monthly form about your activities
3. What is my responsibility as a mentor?
(1) Hour per week and return a monthly activity log. If there are any conflicts or concerns
by you about your men-tee, this is reported to the CHR directors to handle or address. You are asked to provide your time and care towards positive growth.
4. How many hours per week will I spend with my men-tee? 
(1) Hour per week is the basic requirement
5. How long is my commitment to this program? 
(1) Year
6. How does the matching process work?
We use a interests and assets based tool to determine the best match
7. Can I mentor more than one mentee? 
8. What if the match does not seem to be working?
We can change this with you and find a re-match
9. Who can I contact for more information on the Amachi Initiative at Carolina Human Reinvestment?
Feel free to call us at 834.461.4305