Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about the Amachi Initiative at Carolina Human Reinvestment


  1. What are the goals of the Amachi Initiative?

The Amachi Mentoring Program was developed to provide children impacted by incarceration with a different path by establishing the consistent presence of loving, caring mentors. We strive to positively influence children to dream big, practice self-care and confidence, and achieve their goals.

  1. How do I become a mentor?

The first step is filling out our Mentor Application and undergoing a background check (at no charge to the applicant). After this process is complete, you’ll meet with a CHR staff member to discuss the mentor/mentee matching process in detail.

  1. What is my responsibility as a mentor?

Mentors provide a loving and caring presence for their mentees. By listening, giving advice and providing a constructive example, you will support a child’s development by simply being there. If you are ever concerned about your mentee’s wellbeing or have questions about your role as a mentor, we always ask that you contact a CHR staff member as soon as possible.

For reporting purposes, we also ask that our mentors fill out a simple monthly time-sheet for their activities.

  1. How many hours per week will I spend with my mentee? 

We ask that our mentors dedicate at least 1 hour per week for spending time with their mentee.

  1. How long is my commitment to this program? 

Children participating in the Amachi Program are in need of consistent relationships, so we ask for a minimum commitment of 1 year.

  1. How does the matching process work?

We do our very best to assess each mentor’s unique skills, interests, and personality to make the best match possible. In addition to filling out an Interests and Assets Survey, you’ll meet with CHR staff to discuss what type of mentee would be a good fit. When a match is identified, CHR will introduce you to your mentee and help guide you through the early stages of your relationship. CHR is always here to support you throughout your time participating in the program.

  1. Can I mentor more than one mentee? 

Typically our mentors work with one mentee, but CHR will evaluate requests to mentor additional children on a case by case basis.

  1. What if the match does not seem to be working?

If you have concerns about your relationship with your mentee, CHR will always be there to discuss your issues and help find a solution. In the event that you decide you’d like to change your match, CHR will work with you to facilitate another match.

  1. Who can I contact for more information on the Amachi Initiative at Carolina Human Reinvestment?

Call us at 834.461.4305 or email